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Once upon a time in a bowl far, far away . . . 3 fish sat & contemplated the world through the slightly green and curved perspective of their surroundings. It was London, it was ‘the norties’ and it was raining . . .


Blob, Yellow & Crash had felt the hollow & empty spaces between the beats, they had hummed the tune, they had seen the Great Turtle A’Tuin (®Terry Pratchett) and they were in need of a purpose . . . The futility of the arguments of the career politicians & the toadyness of the media and their pals in the Police and the everpresent whiff of corruption (see Leveson) was just too much . . . The fatuous burble of a million TV & radio stations that missed the point and had nothing to say was truly distressing . . . The ridiculous excesses of the Banking Classes bringing all to their knees (except the Bankers) stuck hard in the Craw . . . Enough is Enough IS ENOUGH we say . . . So the songs were begun . . There was an exodus to the countryside & the polytunnel was raised . . Cider was brewed and slowly it all began to make  a little more sense . .


But the rain continued steadily . . . Anyone got time for a debate about Global Warming?

The 3wf Back Story:

Timeline & dates:

13.75 billion years ago